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Reiki is a Japanese word. It is a combination of two words Rei and Ki

Rei - Universal

Ki - life energy

Reiki (Universal life energy) Reiki is a Japanese word. It is a combination of two words Rei and Ki. Rei - Universal Ki - life energy

This universal energy is all around us, surrounding us. The only thing is that we do not know how to use it. We can use this energy for healing ourselves and others, at all levels i.e. physically, mentally and spiritually. This energy not only heals but also helps in enlightening a person.

We can use it for manifesting goals also. The healing energy flows from the source (the cosmos around us), through the healer to the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the person. It is the most simple and natural method of transmitting the universal energy and is very effective.

When a person is attuned/ initiated, he becomes a channel and the Reiki energy starts flowing from his/her hands. The person remains a Reiki channel throughout his life and can use this energy for his benefit and that of others.

How a person feels the Reiki energy after attunement is very difficult to explain. Each person may feel it in a different manner; this can only be experienced and cannot be expressed in words. When a person gives Reiki, he is compassionate, full of love for the sufferer and has a beautiful feeling of flow of this healing energy.Many spiritual seekers also come to learn Reiki, it is found that positive changes come in the life of those who follow the principles of Reiki.

Each individual till he lives has pranas or the vital air sheath in him, i.e. the life force or the universal energy. This energy is all around us too. Reiki touches us to use this energy around us. When this energy reduces in some part of our body or is not flowing freely, we feel sickness. When a person dies, this energy, which is circulating in his body, departs.

When healing in done by Reiki, mostly emotional and mental issues heal first and are followed by healing of physical body. The negative emotions and thoughts are not only of this life, which affect the physical body but are in layers, from previous lives too.

This knowledge was available with earlier Tibetans, Buddha, Christ and others, who healed by spiritual knowledge. But this knowledge was not imparted to everyone and was guarded by them.

It was Dr.Mikao Usui in 19th century who discovered Reiki and so this healing power is called the Usui system of Reiki. Reiki is not a science or knowledge which can be learnt only by reading a book or listening to a lecture. One has to be attuned / initiated by a Reiki a master to be able to use this Universal energy for healing himself and others.

Dr. Mikao Usui

(15th August, 1865 to 9th March, 1926)

You find the first reference of Reiki in Indian Vedas.Shuk Muni is considered as the first person, who wrote about Reiki.It was practiced by a very few and was not disclosed to the others.Tibetian monks used to practice it wisely with different names.Credit of disclosing this amazing subject to the external world goes to Dr.Mikao Usui of Japan.

Dr.Mikao Usui was a lecturer in a Medical College.One of his students drew his attention towards the fact that - Jesus Christ used to heal people with a mere touch of his palm. Dr. Mikao Usui was very much impressed by this information. He tried to find details about this in Christianity related Books. He didn't find anything in them about healing using palms. Then he travelled all the way to Tibet and got detailed information which he found in the Tantras of Buddhism and Atharva Veda of Hinduism.Based on this information, he meditated for 21 days in Kurma-Yama Mountains of Japan.On the 21st day a powerful light enlightened him.He spent five years treating beggars with his newfound power.

But noticing these people not realizing the importance of Reiki he came to the conclusion that nothing should be available very easily.Then he made it compulsory to charge students and patients.All reiki practitioners of Usui lineage accept fees for their efforts mainly for this reason.

Dr.Mikao Usui opened a Reiki clinic for treatment and training others. ChuchiroHayashi(1879-1941) was the next Reiki master trained under Mr.Usui. Hayashi trained Mrs.Takata, who spread Reiki all over USA.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is very simple. Once you take attunements from a reliable Reiki master, the Reiki flow starts entering your body through the crown chakra then passes through the Third eye, the Throat and the Heart Chakra lastly emerging out from the palms. When we touch a body (ours or others), this energy enters in that body and starts making the positive changes there. The healer acts like a energy channel. The healer cannot send the energy to the sufferer against his wish. Reiki energy gives only positive results irrespective of the healer's mentality. Reiki benefits both the healer and the sufferer. To practice any health or mind improvement methods you must be mentally and physically fit to some extent. Reiki can be practiced under any worst condition of the body and mind.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Reiki is a self healingmethod, you need not be dependent upon any one.
  • You can heal yourself and others also.
  • Most of the diseases(some of which are challenges to today‚Äôs medical world.) can be healed by Reiki.
  • In many cases you get positive results within 21 days.
  • To heal you need to be an expert in human anatomy.You need not study voluminous books.
  • You can heal a person who is in another city.
  • You can combine Reiki with other Medical treatments.
  • You develop immunity and resistance against all diseases.(Prevention is better than cure.)
  • You can save a lot of family medical expenses.
  • Facts about Reiki

  • You can heal many health problems which are a challenge today to Medical science for example Cancer and Paralysis.
  • You draw only required quantity of Reiki, no question of over drawing.
  • You don't need any medical knowledge for healing.
  • Reiki can be given to anyone only if they wish or agree.In case of children,persons in coma or mentally retarded you can give Reiki without their permission.
  • Reiki works as a supporting method to medical treatment but not as a complete alternative system.
  • Reiki has got its own intelligence and it can do only good things irrespective of your mentality.
  • Reiki is effective irrespective of your concentration and thoughts.You can practice it while travelling,watching TV,conversing with others and waiting in a queue etc.
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    Savita Yargol

    Yoga therapist , Reiki master and Spiritual healer