Pyramid Therapy




Simple meaning of Pyramid is Pyra + Mid, Pyra means fire and Mid means center.

Six Interactions

The interaction of pyramid with the universal energy is in six directions - energy from four sides, top heaven and bottom (earth). In this earth is represented by the square base and the apex represents the sky.

Interaction with four sides happens through the triangular faces. The Pyramid is a microprocessor of all universal energy. It works with showering energy from the sun, moon and planets and ascending energy of earth. Meeting of all six energies is at ‘Mid’ the center.

Healing Phenomena

The Pyramid, indeed does generate a force field that contributes to healing, but it may not apply to some persons for some mystical reasons

Pyramid works on all seven levels of human systems physical, etheric, astral, lower mind, higher mind, soul and spirit.

The Pyramid provides us the energy rejuvenating the tissues, relieving aches and pains and other minor disorders in just an hour or half. It can also help in diseases like psoriasis, insomnia, fractures, high or low blood pressure etc., but it takes time.

Pyramid healing power has immense effects not only on humans but also on animals, plants and other living beings. Pyramid Energy can aid healing quickly. The pain relief is seen in just a few minutes. It is faster than the usual time. But understanding of this shortened length of healing time by Pyramid, is still a mystery. When water or medicine or herb is

given without Pyramid charging, it is found that it does not work as efficiently. Hence, Pyramid actually works and is not simply a placebo.

Reduce Pain

Pain cause great mental, physical and emotional disturbance, no matter however minor it is.

Pyramid can provide you with help here too. Place your painkilling tablets, creams and lotions under the Pyramid and their application to the injured area will bring relief comparatively faster.

You can try another simpler way to deal with pain. Just apply Pyramid charged water-pack, or dip that part into it for about 30 minutes and see your pain vanish.

Deeper Meditation

People of every age and background are experiencing deep rest and peace in meditation and many believe, this energy - force within can be directed creatively.

Pyramid biofeedback testing has shown higher Beta activity. Even when the subject's eyes were open, several bursts of theta waves occurred between alpha patterns. This showed accelerated and deeper meditative states which are easily possible within a Pyramid environment.

Meditating or just taking a nap under a pyramid helps synchronise the seven chakras of the body. In today's world, stress and tension rule pretty much the entire universe. These issues are caused due to lack of positivity and direction in the lives of individuals

Sleeping pills and muscle relaxants have made their way into the homes of millions as an easy escape from psychological problems. But there is a better alternative - your subconscious mind, which is not as mysterious or as inaccessible as you might think.

It is our thought process that makes us calm or agitated. To deal with all these problems, what we have to do is to change the turbulent behaviour into peaceful behaviour through Pyramid therapy which is done under a geometrical shaped structure that is formed by four equilateral triangles of the same size on a square base in such a manner that it forms an apex on that square base

It is one of the most powerful tools to heal your chakras and harmonise your mind, body and soul. The pyramids power is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties.

Capture Luck

In India, even today in many places the Pyramid is used to collect beneficial showering on the auspicious days. There are special Pyramid molds created for this purpose. On an auspicious day, jaggery is melted and set in a mold. This provides them with the benefits Pyramid energy along with the special energy of the auspicious day. This 1000 year - old custom can help us capture blessing or a boon descending from heaven. This energy is useful for enhancing luck and removing negative blocks and for good health.

Pyramid mold used to tap energy of auspicious days.

Beyond Medicines!

Do you take some medicines daily? Are you afraid of the side effects?

Put your medicine in the Pyramid overnight (preferably) before taking it. And always keep it under Pyramid for further charging. Your medicine can be anything a herb, a household remedy, an ayurvedic medicine, an allopathic drug, homeopathic dose, auto urine batch flower remedy, flower oils, etc. This process of keeping your medicine at least overnight will improve the effect of the medicine and decrease its side effects (if any).

The interaction of the medicine with your body will improve and the reactions will lessen. So now you can change your own medicines and be less tense about its side effects. Doesn’t it ease your daily routine without any extra efforts?

Pyramid treated medicine

Pyramid Water

Water is nectar on Earth. It is the most important essence of life. When water treated with Pyramid, it can become our best “natural tonic.”

Human beings can stay without food for 5 weeks, but without water only for 5 days in moderate climate.

Pyramid treated water not only acts as a tonic to the body but it has numerous other advantages too. When Pyramid treated water is applied to injured parts, instant relief has been reported and the same has also been reported for insect bites and rashes. Pyramid water when applied to face for about 5 to 6 weeks, the skin becomes smoother and younger looking.

When this water is used in cooking, the food becomes more tasty and appetising Cooking time also lessens.

In an experiment, a piece of decayed meat was taken and divided into two. One was kept in plain water while the other in Pyramid water. After one week, the meat in plain water had decayed further emitting unbearable smell while that in Pyramid water had sedimented with no trace of foul smell and the water was clear. It is also found that taking a glass of Pyramid water daily acts as an aid to the digestive system. An upset stomach quickly heals and elimination process also improves leading to better health. It is also reported that the water left inside the Pyramid somehow retains its oxygen.

Exam Stress

Pyramids can become a very handy tool and most beneficial Source for improvement of memory, boosting confidence and lessening stress.

Exam and test times are stressful and tension-filled periods for children You can help them during this time or in their overall study period, by just placing the Pyramid under their seats, on their study-table or hang one above their head or just let him or her meditate under the Pyramid or sit placing Pyramid on head for 10 minutes in the morning and evening.

You can also give your child a pyramid locket which can be put around his or her neck giving constant pyramid energy to your child. Such a pyramid locket can be worn around the neck every day or during exams which gives your child stress and tension-free environment for studying and writing in exams.

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Savita Yargol

Yoga therapist , Reiki master and Spiritual healer