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Netra Yoga

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SAY GOODBYE TO GLASSES Netra yoga improves eye sight and is beneficial for all kinds of eye problems

Our fast-paced life calls for a little bit of exercise to improve our health. Hours of full-body workouts at the gym often make us neglect our eye health and the prolonged use of digital displays could be doing more damage to our eyes than we imagine.

Today, Yoga is being practiced by people the world over and an exercise that was once practiced by a few is now gravitating towards becoming a fitness mantra. Regular practice of yoga helps in maintaining good health and improves the functioning of the organs. But did you know Yoga poses include exercises for your eyes as well? These are exercises that you could do right at your desk without having to move around and only requires a few minutes from your busy routine.

We teach following techniques to strengthen your eyes

  • 1.Netra Dhauti (Eye cleaning)
  • 2. Netra Lola (eye roll)
  • 3. Trataka (gazing)
  • 4.yogic breathing (deep breathing)
  • 5.pyramid eye belt (healing)

If these techniques are followed properly, one would not get spectacles and even if anybody has got spectacles up to - 4( minus four number), they will be able to get rid of the spectacles in a few months

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Savita Yargol

Yoga therapist , Reiki master and Spiritual healer